I started using Material Components for the Web in the April of 2017. Since then, I spent a lot of time learning this library and trying to formulate the best practices of using Material Components in my projects.

The most of the knowledge I’ve gained was from learning the source code of MDC Web and looking through their GitHub issues.

Honestly, it was not hard to learn Material Components itself. In my case, the main problem was to find a good Vue.js wrapper for MDC Web and configure Webpack for it. And, in general, the lack of information out there felt like community isn’t yet ready for adopting MDC. Fairly understandable for the project which is in alpha-stage yet!

To solve these problems - finding a good wrapper for MDC Web and share information about Material Components in general - I decided to collect all available resources about this family of libraries in one place. And that’s how Awesome Material Components was created!

The goal of this repo is to share as much information about Material Components as possible. So, if you have a project based on MDC (Web, Android or iOS), or you’re writing tutorial on specific issue about Material Design Components, or even have a commercial project using this amazing library, feel free to contribute to this list!